Urban City Tour In Paris

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All about the Urban City Tour In Paris.

The City of Love await us! Let’s start with a marvelous visit to the Louvre. “The Coronation of Napoleon”

“The Raft of Medusa”, “Liberty Leading the People”, “The Venus de Milo”, and, of course, “The Mona Lisa”

are they must watch.

Then we head to the Champs-Elysees and get amazed by the Parisian streets. Arriving to the Arc de

Triomphe, we will direct to an incredible dinner.

Day 2 we’ll visit the Catacombs of Paris and have a splendid meal just before visiting the Eiffel Tower.

The, we will visit Montmartre and pick a museum to visit. We will finish the tour with a dinner in a surprise

3 stars Michelin Restaurant.

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