Jungle Safari in Africa

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    Jungle, Wildlife
  • Activity Level Moderate
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  1. 1 Day Cape Town Dinner

    Arrive and enjoy the fabulous views of this African paradise. The weather is amazing and the hospitality of the natives will make you feel at home. We will take you to a couple of the best restaurants in town, but be aware, tomorrow the journey starts.

  2. 2 Days Namibia Dunes

    A 12-hour drive is ahead of us. We head to Helmeringhausen to experience the majestic view of the Dunes. The climate is chill and the sky is clear, so why not open up a bottle of the best African wines?

  3. 2 Days Botswana Lions

    Maun is next. There’s an amazing lion’s sanctuary waiting for us. During the drive, we could watch the full African wildlife.

  4. 1 Day Victoria Falls

    Next stop is the alluring view of the Victoria Falls. Another Fancy dinner await us with a romantic vibe.

  5. 1 Day Zimbabwe Walking Safari

    Bulawayo welcomes us to a fantastic experience with the wildlife. This walking safari let us interact with the all kind of animals: Giraffes, Zebras, Antelopes, Gazzeles and more.

  6. 2 Days Mozambique Diving

    Maputo’s reef and wildlife will leave us breathless while we dive next to them. The rays swimming in fevers is a once in lifetime experience. Also, we’re having a short fishing trip so we could get something for dinner.

  7. 2 Days Lesotho Elephants

    We are close to end this amazing travel, but not before visiting a magical place: The Mokomane Elephant Sanctuary. You can completely interact and immerse in a series of activities with them: from soccer and painting to even ride them.

  8. 1 Day Johannesburgh

    Last day in this amazing journey will be a relaxing day in one of the best Spas in the city, and will end with an amazing dinner and traditional African show.