City Tours in Europe

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All about the City Tours in Europe.

4 Countries, 8 cities and the most of European culture you can imagine. From historical places to amazing views, you are going to get amazed by the cuisine and the people. 11 days of pure European fun, art and relax

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  1. 2 Days Barcelona

    Taste Spanish finest food and visit Gaudi’s architecture, obviously including La Sagrada Familia

  2. 2 Days Paris

    Let’s arrive with class, first stop: Le Arc de Triomphe. Next, watch the Mona Lisa in the Louvre.

    Day 2 is an amazing trip to the Eiffel Tower and a dinner in a surprise Michelin Restaurant

  3. 2 Days Geneva

    Because not everything is art and food, what about visiting the beautiful Lake Geneva and spend the second day skiing in the Swizz Alps?

  4. 1 Day Milan

    There’s too much to watch in so little time, but it all worth it at the end of the day while you are watching da Vinci’s The Last Supper.

  5. 2 Days Venezia

    Starting with a boat trip through Canale Grande, will head up to St. Mark’s Square and we´ll enjoy the Italian night life. Day two will head up to Murano to watch the glass blowing and the Campo Santo Staffano, ending with an amazing dinner.

  6. 1 Day Pisa


    The Leaning Tower is a must watch, but also are The Piazza del Duomo and the Cathedral de Pisa. So, let´s enjoy the beautiful Italian sun in walk to remember.

    Vatican City Half a Day

    Even if you are not catholic, the St. Peter´s Square and Basilica, are two gorgeous and important historical spots to visit. We are inside of Rome, so let’s end the day out.

  7. 1 and a half Days Rome

    Let´s head to the Trevi Fountain and have a fancy dinner in the alluring streets of Rome.

    Next day, we´ll visit the fascinating Roman Forum and we will end the whole travel watching the majestic Colosseum.